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through our digital timestamp issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications

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حقوق الملكية الفكرية هتساعدك تحافظ علي مجهودك

عن طريق انها بتمنع أي شخص من انه يستغل فكرتك

‏I protect بتحافظ علي افكارك وبثبت ملكيتك ليها

سجل فكرتك دلوقتي عن طريق موقعنا الالكتروني


When you have a great idea for a product or service, there will always be people who will want to duplicate your success and sell your ideas as their own.

‎‏ Iprotect will keep your creative ideas safe through our simple and secure website and network of partners



iProtect is a digital tool that helps to protect your ideas, creations, and data. Our online certification system is based on the Ethereum blockchain. With us, the protection of your intellectual property is fast and simple.

Keep it yours | iProtect, online certification tool for your files



We believe in Innovation!

Nothing is more rewarding than giving life a great idea!

This idea takes a lot of time and effort to develop.

We talk here about great process that starts with creative people and ends with us!

Iprotect-Mena is the first of its kind platform in Egypt and the MENA region built specifically for intellectual property protection.

We aim to ensure the security of your digital file using technologies

like: Blockchain, and Time Stamping Authority.

We provide Entrepreneurs, researchers, and creative minds an easy, affordable, government verifiable certificate of ownership for their original pieces of work.

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The intellectual property system relates to rights and obligations, as well as privileges and incentives–all rooted in the creation and protection of IP, which “refers to creations of the mind: patents, copyright, and trademarks.

Iprotect-Mena helps you to register your creative idea and prevent it from any intellectual property infringement.

Get your digital ultimate proof of your ownership rights.

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Happy International Education Day!

Now you can protect your graduation project with Iprotect-Mena

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